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Sponsored by Florida Blue (Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan), University of South Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and University of South Florida Health’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation

This event will be held at the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) in Downtown Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday May 14th, 2013.
In partnership, Florida Blue and the USF Center for Entrepreneurship are promoting this innovative program to encourage early-stage health care innovation and entrepreneurship in the state of Florida.

You think you can help improve healthcare with an innovative technology, product, or service? This is your opportunity to shine! Your submission may include fully developed concepts and prototypes, or finished products and services. Present your innovation to a panel of healthcare experts and executives including representatives from both Florida Blue, USF Center for Entrepreneurship and other healthcare professionals who will review your application.

The competition will contain 2 categories who will compete separately:
The first category will be a Student Competition which is open to current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled within colleges and universities across Florida. Winners of this category will receive cash prizes.
The second category will be an Open Competition which is open to all other individuals (Non-students) who currently reside within the state of Florida. Winners will receive cash prizes.

All applicants are encouraged to also apply to the Healthbox Florida Accelerator program anchored by Florida Blue when applications open.

We are now accepting applications for the 2013 First Annual State of Florida Healthcare Innovation Competition. All passionate healthcare innovators addressing a significant healthcare challenge are invited to apply.

Applications must be submitted online by April 19th, 2013 before midnight. 

Link to application form here.

Questions and comments can be sent to tbric@health.usf.edu

What kinds of ideas and teams are we looking for?

We are looking for energetic, innovative and passionate healthcare innovators. Competitive applicants will address a specific and pressing unmet need in the healthcare industry. For example, solutions of interest may improve patient engagement, provider effectiveness or preventative health and wellness; and provide solutions for healthcare challenges.

What kinds of ideas and teams are we NOT looking for?
Ultimately, we want to encourage all innovators with great ideas to apply. That said, we are NOT looking for individuals with innovations outside the healthcare area.

How far along do applicants need to be before they can apply?
We will consider individuals with innovations at various stages of development, from fully developed concepts and prototypes to finished products and services.

Can you apply if you’ve already received funding?

How will applications be evaluated?
A panel of healthcare experts and executives including representatives both Florida Blue, the USF Center for Entrepreneurship and Tampa Bay healthcare executives will review your application. Submissions will be judged based upon the:
1) Nature of the innovation
2) Likelihood of technical success
3) Definition of the unmet market need
4) Strength of solution’s unique value proposition

To be considered, please complete our application:
Link to application form here.